Industrial & Hall construction

Steel construction is the most cost-effective construction method for industrial halls and buildings. Through our extensive experience we offer our customers the highest degree of quality and functionality based on all necessary economic aspects. Our portfolio covers the whole range of warehouses, riding halls to production halls and the interlinked processes of industrial buildings. In addition we cover façade engineering as well as restoration and expansion of existing construction and processes.

Industrial Construction

Our main areas in Industrial Construction include:

  • Car repair shops and exhibition halls
  • Warehouses and refrigerated warehouses
  • Enclosure of existing systems and processes
  • Sludge treatment plants
  • Garbage incineration plants
  • Production hall crossings, loading ramps
  • Secondary equipment, work platforms and work flow, stairways, emergency staircase,  warehouse- and interlinking systems
  • Fall proction
  • Bumper buffer devices for buildings, doors,  product- and plant systems

Hall Construction

Our focus in hall construction is on

  • Machine halls, warehouse facilities, multipurpose halls
  • Agricultural facilities and animal sheds
  • Riding halls
  • Sports- and public facilities
  • Aircraft hangars and boat halls

Stahlbau Oltmanns

Oltmanns – Your Partner for Challenging Steel Construction Projects

Please, take us at our word by challenging us with ambitious tasks and placing trust in our competency and customer oriented thinking!

No matter in whether kind of specification, if for steel services on multipurpose Vessels, Cable or Pipe Layers, the Off Shore Branch, the Wind Power Industry, Bridge Building and also highly competent at building halls as well our high professionalism for special engineering construction regarding all required Standards and European Rules for Steel and Machine Construction!

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